Frequently Asked Questions

What is a training hall? 
A training hall is a community space to learn, train, and excel at your chosen pursuits. Our training methods are applicable to everyone and centered on the idea that strength matters. We will meet you where you are and support you along your journey.
Who do you train? 
Everyone! Our clients range in age from 8 years old to 70 years old. People are here to train for a wide variety of reasons - general health and fitness, athletic preparation for sport and competition , Olympic weightlifting, pre-surgery preparation, and post-injury rehabilitation. 
I have no experience with barbell training - can I still train here? 
Absolutely. Each session is programmed individually to meet you at your level of ability and experience. For people unfamiliar with barbell training, or who have not been active in a while, we recommend beginning with the Getting Started series.
What is the Getting Started series? The Getting Started series is a set of three personal training sessions designed to prepare you for our group training sessions. These sessions run for 60 minutes. Please contact us to find a time that works with both your schedule and ours.
What is the difference between Starting Strength and Getting Started?
Our trainers use some of the methods presented in the Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training book, but your sessions will be personalized to align with your goals for training and your current ability level. 
What happens after I have completed the Getting Started series?
Upon completion of the Getting Started series, you and your trainer will evaluate what the next step is for you. You may choose to continue with private training, or elect to join group training sessions. The schedule for group training sessions can be found here.
How much does a monthly membership cost?
A three sessions per week training schedule is $185 per month, before tax. All pricing information can be found here.
I am in town for a few days - can I drop in for a session? 
We would love to have you come train with us. The drop-in fee is $35 per session. Please call or email beforehand to let us know when you will be here. 
Do you have a shower? 
Yes, but bring your own towel.
Do you offer remote programming? 
This is determined on an individual basis. Please contact us for more details.