Who trains at Fulcrum?

Our mission is to develop the whole human— this means refining all elements of the mind and body that contribute to people reaching their highest potential in life and sport. 


Training for general health & strength

Strength matters for building muscle, losing fat, gaining endurance, and being an overall healthy person. We provide structured programming, individual coaching, and movement guidance in a supportive, safe, and fun environment. Whether you have some experience in athletics or are just getting started, we specialize in training individuals of all shapes and backgrounds to meet their health and fitness goals. Learn more about the services we offer or contact us to get started. 

Competitive athletes

Strength is needed for all athletes to reach their peak performance in competition. We train competitive athletes at every level—Olympians, Masters, Elite, Collegiate, Youth—and in all disciplines. We develop comprehensive plans tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses to build the muscular endurance, speed, power, strength, skill, and agility training needed to meet your athletic goals. We offer stand-alone strength plans or work 1:1 with an athlete and coach to build a plan that complements an existing training program. 



Olympic weightlifting

Strength is the foundation of barbell sport, but it is just one of many components required to develop a top-level lifter. Fulcrum offers a professional training environment that focuses on the strength, technical proficiency, and competitor-mindset necessary to develop champions. Our staff is experienced in developing both pre-season and in-season training programs for athletes of all kinds -- from recreational enthusiasts to Olympic contenders. We have a supportive team atmosphere with high-caliber athletes, meet preparation and coaching, nutritional consults and resources, and personalized programming as needed to ensure you are performing at your highest capability. We have high-quality, well-maintained equipment to support your training.



Masters athletes

Strength is essential to independence as we age. Our barbell strength training programs will increase flexibility and preserve and improve the quality of connective tissues. Our priority is to enable you to continue your current activities for years to come—or regain the ability to do activities ranging from everyday movements to adventures in the outdoors. It’s never too late to start building strength and cardiovascular capacity—even if you have never touched a weight in your life or have limited mobility and functionality. We specialize in meeting you where you are and helping you improve your quality of life.



Youth Athletes

Strength training builds a foundation of health in youth development and is essential for young athletes to rise to the next level in athletic performance. Fulcrum Training Hall provides a structured atmosphere for youth to develop strength, speed, and coordination. At the same time, we offer a positive community that teaches confidence, goal setting, and integrity.  We have fun building strength in a social environment filled with positive and supportive role models. Whether you are looking for a new after-school activity or are a high-level youth athlete ready to reach the next level of competition, we have what you need.  Learn more about the services we offer or contact us to get started.