The spring competition cycle culminated in three lifters attending the Capitol City Championships down at Fortis Sports, in Olympia. The day was spent supporting Janice, Sarah, and Kristen at this classic Washington weightlifting venue. 

Janice used this meet as a final tune up for her trip to Nationals just three weeks later (see a full recap of that meet below!). It was a great opportunity for Janice to get familiar with the flow of the warm up room, the feel of lifting in a singlet, and the sights and sounds of competition. She put up solid numbers and matched her PR total, finishing with a 54 kg snatch and 69 kg clean and jerk. 

Sarah trained through a busy winter season, taking on hours at a new job, and a spring break vacation to prepare for this meet. Despite less than ideal circumstances leading up to competition day, she pulled off a performance when it counted. Sarah finished with a 66 kg PR snatch and a 72 kg meet PR clean and jerk. She also pushed her total by five kilos - but what made the day really special was seeing all four of her kids show up to support their mom in the pursuit of what makes her happy. 

Kristen made big improvements over the last several months, and it definitely showed on meet day. She pushed her openers aggressively, opening 2 kgs higher on the snatch and 5 kgs higher on the clean and jerk than her last meet. She finished with a solid 67 kg snatch and a huge 85 kg PR clean and jerk - four kgs over her competition best. So many lifters let the pressure and nerves of competition get to them, mentally falling apart when it comes to meet day, but Kristen is consistently just the opposite. The routine of meet day seems to fuel her, and she always comes through with an outstanding performance, persistently and incrementally pushing the edge of her capacity. 

Three very different lifters with three very different experiences in preparing for this competition, but the common thread between all of them is the support from their teammates and community. Much gratitude as always to the entire Fulcrum Training Hall crew for everything you do to make days like this possible. We are excited to be right back to work, pushing minimums and refining details in preparation for whatever these athletes choose to accomplish next!